Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Maid Who Assaulted Amo Still at Large

My friend emailed me this beware message on her aunt's maid who made the news:

"On Wed, Jan 23, 2013 at 11:33 AM, [name and email address withheld] wrote:

Beware of this innocent looking girl!  This maid robbed and inflicted injuries on our aunt. 
Any information leading to her and her arrest will be appreciated by my cousins' family.

The CCTV was not able to capture the crime because this maid turned off the main switch of the circuit breaker.

After hearing her horror story and other maid related horror stories, it appears that an NBI clearance is not much help. I heard that some applicants are able to get 3 NBI clearances under different names.

Aside from taking a photograph, it will be good to get all fingerprints of the applicant for your file (our condominium application form even has 6 slots per hand).

For those with CCTVs, check if it can capture dark areas.  Is it connected to an uninterrupted power supply (UPS)?

My cousin was murdered several years ago by her day old maid.  To date, that murderer maid is free and we don't even have a photo.

Praying for everyone's safety at home.

Forwarding my cousin's facebook post:

Thursday around 6pm her new maid (1 week) poured cooking oil all over the floor outside her bedroom leading to the dining room, after she turned the main switch of the circuit breaker off to make it appear there's no power. When mom got out of the room, she slipped but did not totally fall on the floor, she was able to hold on to a chair nearby. She dropped the cellphones she held on the same chair. She quickly got up and even asked the maid to get some rags to place over the oil. Holding her flashlight, she was trying to scan the ceiling for leaks while walking towards the stairs to go up and check the next floor. She told the maid to go ahead of her because she can't see and had difficulty walking due to the slip. She noticed the maid holding a bottle of whiskey. When asked the maid said the alcohol can be used for the slippery floor. She thought nothing of it and on the second floor mom noticed all the drawers were open. They checked to see one of the rooms and if there were any open windows. After checking she went back to the stairs to go down this time the maid was behind her. The maid pushed and kicked her towards the stairs. She fell and when she reached the bottom of the stairs the maid swung the bottle at her. She instinctively covered her head with her right arm so the bottle hit her hand and head. The maid then sprayed wd40 in here eyes and was about to hit her when she leaped from the bottom of the stairs back to her bedroom door. She was able to lock herself in the room, opened the back window and cried for help. When help arrived from my aunt living next door, the maid was gone and was able to sneak out the village guard. Mom suffered head injuries, 2 completely fractured fingers and bruises on her back, hands and feet. Thank god CT Scan and X-ray supported that these were the only injuries. When I went back with the inspectors, on the dining table was another mallet and a separated scissor to be used had she slipped flat on her back.

Rubilyn was a referral.

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