Monday, August 31, 2015

Moringa O2: A Follow

This is an unscientific solo study of Moringa O2 (oxygen, actually). My Ateneo batchmate Angeline Siy-Fiechter had given me a sample, after I asked her what she was up to. Her original products were a whitening line, totally useless to me, as I've been labeled "transparent". When she told me that she has expanded to anti-hair fall, I held on to my few strands and went, "I need that!" She told me that the products were available in SM, the big Watsons and sometimes in Rustan's. I told her I could always go to a Rustan's Supermarket. She wasn't sure if the Watson's in Greenhills would be big enough to carry it.

She was going to have her driver send samples to me. I protested, as we didn't live in the same city, and we were divided by INC's EDSA. So she had the driver and her daughter bring over some oil, shampoo and conditioner samples to our batch party. The shampoo and conditioner were full sized.

The website says to wrap the hair in a warm towel or shower cap for 30 minutes. Warm, as in wrap it around a hot water bag first?  Anyway, I didn't do this after applying the oil. I also just realized that I'm supposed to put on the oil then shower and condition afterwards. I had applied some of the oil, then realized that I was about to shower. When my hair was dry, I put on the oil at the roots, so it would stay there until my shower the next day. The label said to apply the oil from end to end.

Anyway, if I remember correctly: Angeline said that hair could even grow if the oil were used daily. If the roots are still alive, she added. Which I doubt, but libre namang mangarap, at libre rin ang sample.

I hope to update this post.
Before putting on Argan oil: Aug. 14, 2015

Moringa O2 Malunggay Herbal Oil
Day 1, Aug. 31, 2015: The after shot.


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