Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Mr. Sanchez's Death Certificate

Yesterday, Alyzza PMed me her dad's death certificate and waiver of autopsy. I can email them to those who want to send their donations, for verification purposes.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Funds Needed for Funeral Expenses

Mr. Sanchez was 53 years old.
Alyzza has given me the details of her dad's wake. It's at  Sepacio-Valdez, Phase 1, Section 1, Block 1, Lot 37, Belvedere Town Subdivision, Paradahan, Tanza, Cavite. The number of Sepacio-Valdez is (046) 4191518.
Ricardo L. Sanchez passed away last May 26.

The family had initially wanted to hold the interment on Friday, June 3. But since they still don't have the funds to pay the funeral home or to pay for burial, the wake will probably extend beyond Friday. Alyssa has PMed me blurry photos of her dad's PGH blue card and the white form from PGH that has the details of her dad's passing, for the preparation of the death certificate.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Donation Drive for Blogger

Just saw a post from blogger Azrael "Az" Coladilla, who I know from a Seattle's Best event.

I volunteered my bank account, BDO V-Mall S/A (Savings Account) 00230098601. For transparency, please post your donations in the comments section and email me your deposit slip at tvguideph@gmail.com. I can attend to your donations this weekend. The LBC transmittal fee will be taken from the donations.

I only know Alyzza through Az's post. I've never met her. I hope to update this post with more data after I get them from Alyzza. Her dad's name is Ricardo Sanchez. Alyssa PMed me that her dad died of Stage 4 liver cancer, and that she's willing to PM her dad's results to donors.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

My 12 Senators

My classmate LT is undecided on who to vote for senator, so I thought of putting some info together in one page.

12 slots are up for grabs, out of 50 candidates:

Which of these senators do I recommend?

First on my list is Richard Gordon, who would be President if it were only up to me.  We've seen what he has done with volunteers at the Subic Bay Metropolitan Authority. Our family stayed in one of the houses in the 90s. The volunteer service we got would put the Bayad Center Shoppesville to shame. We also saw how cars would stop at intersections and take turns going. The only place I know where people are this afraid of breaking laws would be in Makati. Say what you will about Jajejomar (--Jon Santos) Binay, but Makati is the most efficient city that I've been to in the Philippines.
Even without Gordon's work with the Red Cross, and his entertaining and informative radio show, Gordon's the best politician we have.
And I almost forgot. I love his Wow Philippines ads.
Then-President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo signed into law Gordon's Veterans Bill, which allowed veterans from receiving benefits from the US government.

Another superstar is Franklin Drilon. Check out all the positions he has held, aside from the ones I'm enumerating in Atimiti. His most outstanding accomplishments are the convictions of Mayor Antonio Sanchez and Claudio Teehankee, Jr., when Drilon was DOJ Secretary. In the Juetengate Scandal, Drilon had opted to open the second envelope. Someone has told me that there was nothing in it, but why all the fuss? 
Anyway, Drilon was President of the Senate that opposed Executive Order 264, which prohibited the Senate from attending Congressional hearings. The same Senate also opposed Proclamation 1017, which imposes a state of national emergency. The Supreme Court upheld the Senate stand on both issues. 
As Chairman of the Senate Committee on Finance, Drilon was primary author of a law that created an oversight committee for government-operated and -controlled corporations. As Chairman of the Senate Ways and Means Committee, Drilon also worked for the Sin Tax Law.
Drilon was also one of the Senator-Judges who voted for the impeachment of Chief Justice Renato Corona.

My friend told me to check out Francis Tolentino's malaswang video, which I didn't, so he's here. He's here because under his MMDA term, billboards had size limits. Also under his watch, the Metro Manila Film Festival did away with box office receipts as criteria for winning Best Picture. He also relaunched the Pasig Ferry System. Nice try, but brownie points for effort.

Former Department of Justice Secretary Leila de Lima is in my Magic 12 for filing a case against the Iglesia ni Cristo officers. I recall how she replied to the religious persecution complaint. Something like, Alangan namang I do nothing?

The Judicial Executive Legislative Advisory and Consultative Council was Francis Pangilinan's brainchild. The JELACC was formed to strengthen coordination and consultation among the three branches of government.

Serge Osmena's expose on gross costs led to the cancellation of the Balog-Balog Irrigation Project. He was then Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture and the Congressional Oversight Committee on Agricultural and Fisheries Modernization. Osmena also voted for the opening of the second envelope. 
With a "shoe-string budget," he placed 10th in the 2010 elections and became senator for a third time.

I only remember Lorna Kapunan in the Hayden Kho case, where she was his lawyer. It turns out that she was the first person to obtain a Writ of Kalikasan from the Supreme Court on the Barangay Bangkal oil spill case. I wanted to get a third party verification on this, but it seems that Domini Torrevillas just copy-pasted some data from Kapunan's website. 
Anyway, the Supreme Court decided in favor of Kapunan's clients, stewardesses who were dismissed for being 50 years or older.
Kapunan has also worked on pro bono cases for human rights victims and media writers.
If elected, she will work for anti-dynasty, anti-monopoly and fair competition laws. Would be interesting to know the details of these laws.
The thing I have against her is that she used to be Janet Napoles' lawyer, on the kidnapping case.

Ana Theresia Hontiveros-Baraquel has 2 pieces of successful legislation:
  • The Cheaper Medicines Law, which allowed parallel importation of medicines to lower their prices; and
  • The Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program Extension with Reforms, which extends the CARP as well as made it more suitable to farmers.

Walden Bello's Wikipedia page was the most surprising of all, as he had broken in World Bank headquarters and stole 3,000 pages that supposedly showed the connection between the IMF, the World Bank and then-President Ferdinand Marcos.  He talks about these documents in Development Debacle: The World Bank in the Philippines. He left the Communist Party of the Philippines after he heard that double agents were killed. Bello is a critic of economic globalization.

Juan Miguel Zubiri isn't just about resigning amid poll fraud allegations. He is also a biofuel advocate.

I read Susan Ople's Panorama column, where she talks about labor issues. She is President of the Blas Ople Policy Center, which helps distressed OFWs around the world. 

Rafael Alunan is in my so-so list. All I see about him so far is that he's a leader of the West Philippine Sea Coalition, which has protested against China.

I must admit that there are a lot of candidates who I've never heard of. I hope to look into them further.

Friday, January 15, 2016

Pacific Eye & Laser Institute Now Peregrine Eye & Laser Institute

The PELI website is almost the same as before.
Due to the controversy over another company with a similar name, Pacific Eye & Laser Institute has changed its name, but will still retain the PELI acronym. National Geographic says that peregrines are falcons that swoop on other birds and bats in mid-flight. So I guess PELI wants to say that their ophthalmologists have great hand-eye coordination, or that PELI aims to make the patients' eyes so sharp they'll have great claw-eye coordination.

Last year, over breakfast with Drs. Harvey and Pik Sha Uy, I had asked Harvey what makes PELI different. He says that their doctors are US-trained. I asked him where Johns Hopkins is. He said that it was Maryland. Is it in the East Coast? I aksed him. Since he trained in Harvard, and Dr. Franz Cruz trained in Johns Hopkins, I suggested that their name be changed to ECEC or East Coast Eye Center. Pronounced ek-ek, if you like. :)

Reception photo taken by a friend.
Incidentally, Thesaurus.com says that peregrination is a synonym of aimless walk. Which makes it somewhat opposite of peregrine the falcon. Just thought that was interesting.
I used Thesaurus.com to solve Super Word Puzzles.

The friend who took the photo asked me to include here that St. Peregrine Laziosi is the cancer patron saint.

Monday, August 31, 2015

Moringa O2: A Follow

This is an unscientific solo study of Moringa O2 (oxygen, actually). My Ateneo batchmate Angeline Siy-Fiechter had given me a sample, after I asked her what she was up to. Her original products were a whitening line, totally useless to me, as I've been labeled "transparent". When she told me that she has expanded to anti-hair fall, I held on to my few strands and went, "I need that!" She told me that the products were available in SM, the big Watsons and sometimes in Rustan's. I told her I could always go to a Rustan's Supermarket. She wasn't sure if the Watson's in Greenhills would be big enough to carry it.

She was going to have her driver send samples to me. I protested, as we didn't live in the same city, and we were divided by INC's EDSA. So she had the driver and her daughter bring over some oil, shampoo and conditioner samples to our batch party. The shampoo and conditioner were full sized.

The website says to wrap the hair in a warm towel or shower cap for 30 minutes. Warm, as in wrap it around a hot water bag first?  Anyway, I didn't do this after applying the oil. I also just realized that I'm supposed to put on the oil then shower and condition afterwards. I had applied some of the oil, then realized that I was about to shower. When my hair was dry, I put on the oil at the roots, so it would stay there until my shower the next day. The label said to apply the oil from end to end.

Anyway, if I remember correctly: Angeline said that hair could even grow if the oil were used daily. If the roots are still alive, she added. Which I doubt, but libre namang mangarap, at libre rin ang sample.

I hope to update this post.
Before putting on Argan oil: Aug. 14, 2015

Moringa O2 Malunggay Herbal Oil
Day 1, Aug. 31, 2015: The after shot.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Mrs. Ordonez's Wake Until Thursday

Mrs. Ordonez's favorite flowers, white orchids.
The Asuncion Ordonez wake will end after the 9 am Mass on February 26, 2015. Cremation will be at Loyola Crematory Services.

Correction again on parking. I parked on the Vancouver side. From N. Domingo, I took the road after Balete/Betty Go-Belmonte?, turned right on Aurora, turned left on Boston/Seaoil gas station, turned right to Vancouver.

When I went back, I made a right into the Petron gas station at the corner of Balete and Aurora, turned right into Balete, crossed Aurora to N. Domingo, turned right to Dona Hemady/where Robinsons Magnolia is, turned left at the 1st road/1st St., crossed Gilmore Ave., turned left on Dona Juana Rodriguez Ave./where Broadway Centrum is, then turned right to N. Domingo.


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